OpenStack Monitoring – Part 1 Installing Sensu

When OpenStack is deployed, it can grow to be quite complex and have any number of service interdependencies which makes monitoring it difficult. The Mirantis blog does a much better job of describing this than I could. This series will cover installing and configuring Sensu & it’s respective checks to monitor your OpenStack installation. This
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Chef, Razor, OpenStack – Part 3

Ok, we’re now really deep into things. Because I’ve been a few weeks in getting this post out there, and because the material is deep in places, you may want to review: Part 1 – Installing Chef and importing cookbooks. Part 2 – Using Chef to bootstrap Razor Back with us? Ok! So, our current state
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OpenStack Swift, Raspberry Pi, 23 USB Keys – aka GhettoSAN v2

OpenStack GhettoSAN on Raspberry Pi “GhettoSAN” originally started out back when I wore a VMware hat more consistently and was a project born to answer: “I have 400,000 USB keys from a trade show, now what”. At first we ran Nexenta as a storage platform and while that ran well, however as it scaled up,
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Chef, Razor, OpenStack – Part 2

In the last post we talked about what it is we are building as well as built the Chef Server that will service the remainder of the environment. As before, this work is being done in conjunction with the upcoming updated release of the OpenStack Cookbook with Kevin Jackson. In this part we will cover
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Chef, Razor, OpenStack – Part 1

Automated OpenStack Installs you say? Build my own Private Cloud you say? DevOps, Hybrid, and the intercloud? Ok, so, now that we’ve scored buzzword bingo, what am I talking about? Edits in Mace-Windu After you get Chef going… Part 2 – Installing and configuring Razor with Chef: Part 3 – Bringing it all together, installing
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OpenStack Cookbook Update

A while back I met with Kevin Jackson (, @itarchitectkev) and gently (or not so gently) nudged him into updating the existing OpenStack Cookbook to Girzzly. As part of this we wanted to introduce new content (Quantum, Cinder, Automated / DevOps installations) etc. Because I pushed, I also inadvertently ended up under the bus for
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OpenStack #vBrownBag – Quantum and You

Last night we had on a coworker of mine (as in sits less than 8 feet away) on to talk about the state of networking and what Quantum (and SDN) can bring to the table. Note: We had a screen resolution mismatch. With luck you’ll be able to see it better on the recording: 2013-03-26
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Nesting OpenStack in OpenStack

I heard you liked Cloud, so we put some cloud in your cloud… well, you get where that is going. Basically, nesting OpenStack inside OpenStack has some interesting use cases for development. That is, if you are running DevStack on the Rackspace OpenCloud, or if your project is a bit more sensitive and you are
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Installing Rackspace Private Cloud Distro in Fusion 5

A bit different than the last time around where all manner of things needed to be adjusted to use the Rackspace Private Cloud Dsitro. Specifically, to get going, you need to follow these steps: Download the distro form here. While that take’s it’s sweet time, spend a moment to look over the getting started guides.
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Homelab Rebuild – Part 1 “Design”

Design in quotes, because, like all good plans, it’s only good until I start laying the bits down. So far: Gear My old VMware lab comprised a number of things: 3x “Baby Dragon” compute nodes 1x Open Compute Gen1 Intel (dual hexcore, 48GB) 1x Iomega ix4-200d 1x “FrankenStor” Nexenta box After the transition, I hope
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OpenStack Summit – Day 3

Talk about a breakneck week. The sessions are not just packed with people, but also with information. Rather than give you a long bullet list of the keynotes, the folks on the OpenStack blog did a pretty good job summarizing that here. Also, you really need to watch the Troy Toman keynote: I also managed
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OpenStack Summit – Day 2

In short, I didn’t get to much other than the Keynote(s) today. Was doing some last minute prep for a 4:30p session today (Wednesday). Keynote Summary: Live streaming is available on This is the largest summit yet, 1400 folks in attendance. Quite a few last minute, so, logistics on day 1 were a bit
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OpenStack Summit – Day 1

Quick Summary of Monday at the OpenStack Summit. First, the important things: The conference bag was quite nice, and quite thoughtful. A carry on sized duffel bag. Mostly, this will be filled with t-shirts and non computer things for the trip back home. I got in late, so didn’t get to as many sessions as
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Learning Chef

Having spent the last few days in Chef training, I needed to get a few notes out here. Concepts Framework to solve business problems Infrastructure as code programmatically describe and manage infrastructure version controlled infrastructure simplified rebuilds Say what to change/configure, not how. Relationships This diagram is taken from the Opscode wiki and explains how
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Running Rackspace Private Cloud on ESXi

First Post! Now, with that out of my system, I’ve found that running the just published OpenStack Private Cloud on bare metal to be a bit out of reach for my homelab. That said, I did find that it runs exceedingly well as a nested hypervisor on ESXi (use the tools I’ve got) and all.
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BrownBag #13 – OpenStack Follow-Up

Today we had Jim Curry and Jonathan Bryce of the OpenStack project come by to tell us a bit about the project. What it is, does, etc. The best place to see this is the video, just below. I’ve also collected some notes along that way that should be useful. First, the video: ProfessionalVMware VCP
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