How to Make A LOT of Devstack with Vagrant

Sometimes you need to make A LOT of devstack instances, and on different providers. That is, some in the cloud, others locally, and then some. At least, I keep finding myself in situations where this happens, so, I made a little Vagrantfile to handle the details for me. Here is the Vagrantfile I use to
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[Update] Vagrant, Puppet, OpenStack

Recently, Puppet Labs released an “Grizzly” module, based on their work with the Puppet Labs OpenStack module, that takes a more role based approach. That is, it breaks out things like controller, compute, and storage. It also combines them with Hiera in a much more elegant way than before. I covered using Puppet and Hiera
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Some ngnix things

Playing around with a few ideas for #vBrownBag tech talk voting, I was trying to deploy a ruby app with Puma and Ngnix. Here’s a number of the resources used: I also tied it in with Vagrant & the Rackspace provider. Depending on how things go, there will be a
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Couch to OpenStack – Vagrant Primer Follow-up

Last night Mr. VMTrooper himself (@VMTrooper) walked us through the basics of Vagrant. That is, we started with nothing, installed Vagrant and VirtualBox. From there we spun up the first VM. Then we delved into some of the various provisioners, scripts, and more advanced multi-vm vagrant environments. If you are following along and get stuck,
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Getting Started with Vagrant & VirtualBox

Part of the pre-work / homework for next weeks “Couch to OpenStack” program is to get a Vagrant environment going on your laptop (or wherever else you choose to run these things). We’re not going to go into the “Why Vagrant” or “What is Vagrant” questions. Those are better answered elsewhere. What follows are the
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Nyan Nyan Nyan Batman!

A more practical (Ok, it’s not that practical) example of the multi provider vagrant file. I present ascii Nyan cat. From a box with either Fusion or Virtualbox: git clone upvagrant sshtmux new-session -d ‘nyancat’ ; split-window -d ; attach Depending on the provider… wait 5 minutes, and then Nyan!

Vagrant, Chef, and the last 72 Hours

At the suggestion of someone in the office that I look into using Vagrant in conjunction with a project, I started digging… and digging. Here are some links: Now, those links, and likely a number I’ve closed and lost, along with some of these for Chef:
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