Installing a New Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 12.04

Installing a New Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 12.04 Whilst this may be common knowledge for those who have been working with Ubuntu for a while, it took me a few google searches to figure out, so here is the process I have settled on. sudo apt-get update # List available versions sudo apt-cache search linux-image-generic-lts[…]

VLAN Setup on Ubuntu 12.04

Ran into a situation recently where I needed to set up provider_vlan within OpenStack as well as configure the VLANs on the underlying hosts. This being the first time I’ve done this in Ubuntu it needs to be written down: apt-get update && apt-get install -y vlan modprobe 8021q vconfig add bond0 100 vconfig add[…]

Vagrant, Chef, and the last 72 Hours

At the suggestion of someone in the office that I look into using Vagrant in conjunction with a project, I started digging… and digging. Here are some links: Now, those links, and likely a number I’ve closed and lost, along with some of these for Chef:[…]

DD with Progress Bar

Had to do some ISO to USB image making today. Besides being slow going, there was nothing that indicated how much time I had left to get a coffee. Without further adieu: (pv -n ./startfile.iso | dd of=/output.file) 2>&1 | dialog –gauge “Running dd please wait…” 10 70 0 That will produce something like this:[…]

Ubuntu 12.04, DNS, and Static IPs

Having stumbled on the new /etc/resolv.conf methods of Ubuntu 12.04 a number of times, I hope this is useful for you as well. The contents of /etc/resolv.conf in Ubuntu are now controlled by “dns-nameservers #.#.#.#” in your /etc/network/interfaces file, like this: # The primary network interfaceauto eth0iface eth0 inet static    address    netmask    network[…]