September 12, 2014

#vBrownBag DevOps Track


This series is designed to help you understand the tools commonly used in DevOps practices. DevOps is certainly more than tools, has you will hear from John Willis, before diving into a technical series focused on enabling and using various tools such as Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.


John Willis (@botchagalupe)
Jonas Rosland (@virtualswede)
Matthew Brender (@mjbrender)
Trevor Roberts Jr (@vmtrooper)
Yvo Van Doorn (@yvov)
Jeff Geerling (@geerlingguy)
Tom Hatch (@thatch4)
Mike Ainsworth (@mike_ainsworth)
Jeffrey Hicks (@jeffhicks)
Steven Murawski (@stevenmurawski)
Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier)
Chris Halstead (@chrisdhalstead)
Nick Anderson (@cmdln_)
Mike Marsiglia (@mmars)
Larry Smith Jr (@mrlesmithjr)
James Turnbull (@kartar)
Scott Lowe (@scott_lowe)


DevOps Tech Talks from VMworld 2014

Here is some of our DevOps content from VMworld to get you ready!

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