June 5, 2018

vBrownBag Privacy Policy

vBrownBag Ltd is a New Zealand registered company whose primary function is to create and share educational content for IT professionals. In the course of these activities, vBrownBag will occasionally collect personal details (such as names and email addresses) for specific purposes. vBrownBag will only use this data for the purpose stated when the data is collected. vBrownBag will only share data with other entities when this has been stated at the time the data is collected, mostly data is collected only for vBrownBag purposes. vBrownBag will delete this data once the stated purpose is complete. vBrownBag will delete promptly any personal data when requested by that person.

vBrownBag uses a variety of third-party services and applications as part of these activities, some of which store personal data. vBrownBag has a strong preference for using services that allow the person to manage their own personal data. These include:

  • MailChimp for the newsletter and notification lists
  • WordPress for the vBrownBag.com website

vBrownBag does not control how some widely used services handle personal data and cannot control how they collect personal data. Examples include:

  • Google Docs
  • YouTube
  • Facebook