September 30, 2010


The #vBrownBag is a series of online webinars held using Zoom and covering various IT topics including (but not limited to 😁) Cloud, Virtualization, Development, DevOps, SecOps & Certification topics.

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US #vBrownBag

Upcoming Schedule:

6/16Accelerate Your Journey to Cloud with Azure VMware SolutionShannon Kuehn
6/23Technically Challenged to Happy (and Paid) Dev!Caitlyn Greffly
6/30Switching Careers and Taking on New Challenges Without Drowning in Self DoubtChristina Warren
7/7Hands on to C-suite – lessons learnedLaurie Capozza
7/14NSX-T Update 2.5 to 3.x – Security/Bare metal/VLAN/Federation/IDPS/Britton Johnson
7/21Pydantic: Modern Python data validation and settings managementMike Kennedy
7/28NSX-T ATP – Lastline/Advanced Threat/IDPS/SecurityBritton Johnson
8/4“Reverse IT career series” engaged!Joe Onisick
8/11NSX-T Design – VCAP-NV overview/requirements, assumptions, constraints, and risks/physical, conceptual, logical designBritton Johnson
8/25NSX-V to NSX-T migration with the Migration CoordinatorBritton Johnson

Date/Time: Wednesdays at 19:30 PM Central
Register Here:

Previous: CCNA-DCVCP6-DCVAWS Solutions Architect Series, What’s New in vSphere 6.5

APAC #vBrownBag

Details: Cisco ACI series
Date/Time: Alternate Thursdays at 20:00 Australia, Sydney
Register: On Hiatus awaiting a new organizer

EMEA #vBrownBag

Upcoming Schedule:

On-going: VCP6-CMA

Previous: VCP-NV series

Date/Time: Every Tuesday at 19:00 GMT
Register: Running irregular, follow @vBrownBag Twitter for updates

LATAM #vBrownBag

Detalles:  ** en español  **
Fecha/Hora: cada jueves a las 18:00 PST 




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