April 8, 2014

#vBrownBag Cisco Certification Overview


The series provides an overview of the Cisco certifications for both routing and switching and data center as well asrelated networking concepts. The series includes a tour of the Cisco Learning Network by Matt Saunders and Brett Lovins; the CLN is a great resource as you prepare for various Cisco certifications.  Then Chris Wahl will give us a Networking for VMware Administrators primer followed by  Josh Coen covering the installation and configuration of the Cisco 1000v virtual distributed switch.  With an understanding of network concepts for VMware admins under your belt, Byron Schaller will help you setup a virtual lab to use as you prepare for your journey towards the Cisco certifications.  The Cisco exam track will start with the CCENT exam blueprint by Daniel Bogda.  We will then move on to the CCNA Routing and Switching and Datacenter certifications presented by Ed Henry, Scott McDermott and Tom Hollingsworth before wrapping up on the CCNP.


Additional Resources

There are several great resources available to help you prepare for this series:

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