#vBrownBag Follow-Up Cisco CCNP DC with Dan C. Barber (@dancbarber)

Dan Barber covers the following for the Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center

  • 642-999 Implementing UCS (and)
  • 642-998 Designing UCS (or) 642-035 Troubleshooting UCS

You can find Dan on Twitter @dancbarber and his blog where he has provided an excellent follow up.


Additional information from the podcast.

1. Experiment with the Cisco UCS Emulator: https://communities.cisco.com/community/technology/datacenter/ucs_management/content?filterID=contentstatus%5Bpublished%5D~category%5Bucs-platform-emulator%5D

2. UCS Licensing includes 12 unified ports on the 6248 Fabric Interconnect model and 18 unified ports on the 6296 model.  No special FC/FCoE Licensing required.
3. FC Ports configured on an Expansion Module trigger a reboot of that module only instead of the entire Fabric Interconnect.  So, some customers may opt to put their FC ports on the Expansion Module.
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