March 1, 2016

#vBrownBag Cisco CCNA-DC Track

This series is designed to help you pass the 640-911 and 640-960 exams to achieve the Cisco Certified Network Associate – Data Center certification. The series follows the official certification the exam blueprint published by Cisco. The links below will take you to the videos for each section.


640-911 Section 1: Describe how a network works with Brian Trainor
– Describe the purpose and function of network devices
– Select the components required to meet a network specification
– Explain data flows in the network based on the OSI and TCP/IP models

640-911 Section 2: Configure, verify, and troubleshoot a switch with VLANs with Brian Trainor
– Explain technology and media access control methods for Ethernet
– Explain basic switching concepts and operations of Cisco switches
– Describe and configure enhanced switching technologies

640-911 Section 3: Implement an IP addressing scheme and IP services with Andrea Florio
– Describe the operation and benefits of using public and private IP addressing
– Describe the difference between IPv4 and IPv6

640-911 Section 4 Part 1: Configure, Verify, and Troubleshoot basic router operations using Nexus with Frank Buechsel
– Describe and configure basic routing concepts

640-911 Section 4 Part 2: Configure, Verify, and Troubleshoot basic router operations using Nexus with Andrea Florio
– Describe Cisco router operations

640-916 Section 1 Part 1: Cisco DC Fundamentals with Shane Walton
Describe network architectures for the data center, the purpose, and functions of various devices (LAN/SAN)
– Describe the modular approach in network design
– Describe the data center core, aggregation, and access layers

640-916 Section 1 Part 2: Cisco DC Fundamentals with Shane Walton
– Describe FabricPath
– Identify differentiators between DCI and network interconnectivity
– Describe, configure, and verify vCP and VDC
– Describe and configure Nexus products

640-916 Section 2: Data Center Unified Fabric with Shane Walton
– Describe FCoE and FCoE multihop
– DescribeVIFs and FEX
– Perform and initial setup

640-916 Section 3: Storage Networking with Joel Sprague
– Describe basic SAN connectivity, initiator targers, and array connectivity
– Verify SAN operations, name server login
– Describe, configure, and verify zoning and VSANs

640-916 Section 4: DC Virualization with Joel Sprague
– Describe device, and server virtualization
– Describe Nexus 1000v
– Verify initial setup and operations for Nexus 1k

640-916 Section 5: Unified Computing with Jarett Kulm
– Describe and verify device operations
– Describe, configure, and verify connectivity
– Perform and initial setup and describe USCM