#vBrownBag Follow-Up Cisco CCNA R&S Part 2 with Scott McDermott (@scottm32768) and contest!

On part 2 of the Cisco Certified Network Associate for Routing and Switching Scott McDermott discusses common pitfalls people encounter such as the difference between frames and packets, subnet masks and wild card masks and BPDU.

Still have CCNA R&S questions? Tweet your question to Scott @scottm32768 with the #vBrownBag hashtag for a chance to win Networking for vSphere Admins or the CCNA Cert Guide Library (Contest ends June 30th 2014).  Learn more about the contest at Scott’s website: http://www.mostlynetworks.com/2014/06/vbrownbag-ccna-rs-questions-free-books/


Helpful links

Via Jeremy Stretch, @packetlife:  http://packetlife.net/library/cheat-sheets/

Via Ray Olander, @VirtuallyUseful:  https://virtuallyuseful.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/subnetting-tricks/

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