It Is Always the Network

Now that we have completed five Build Day Live events, there are a few patterns that have emerged and a particular area where we have steadily improved our game. If you have watched the live streams, you will know that it is always the network that gives us the most trouble. On one Build Day, I had to use my manager’s voice and say that we were not going to troubleshoot the network any further but needed to do a field expedient temporary configuration. The core of the problem is that we bring some network in the vBrownBag traveling lab and need to integrate that networking with the vendor’s lab equipment. I try to make the vBrownBag a little like a production environment, so there are VLANs that separate different networks for management, storage, and workload VMs. Most vendor environments are labs where networking is kept simple. The solution has been to expand the traveling lab network and use less of the vendor’s network. The current lab provides 10 x 10Gbe ports and 10 x 1Gbe ports for the vendor’s equipment.


Announcing the Oracle Ravello Build Day Live. To the cloud…

The last vBrownBag Build Day of 2017 will be our first Cloud Build Day. Jeffrey and I are headed to Tel Aviv to spend some time with the engineering team at Ravello. The one line summary for Ravello is that it is a cloud management platform that aggregates public clouds. They have their own hypervisor Read more about Announcing the Oracle Ravello Build Day Live. To the cloud…[…]

Datrium DVX Build Day Live Wrap-up

The Datrium Build Day was different from other Build Days in that we were live almost the whole time. During the Build Day live stream, we use pre-recorded videos so that you don’t need to watch the progress bar’s slow progress. The pre-recorded videos are usually interviews or demos of things that we don’t do during the live stream. The only time we needed the pre-recorded for Datrium was when we had to wait half an hour for VMs to migrate. We did also play the usual unboxing video, that was more to give the crew a break than because we were waiting for anything. So, does this mean that it takes three hours to deploy the Datrium solution to a four-node vSphere cluster? No, we could have done the deploy quite a bit faster. In a real deployment, the slowest part will be getting two SSD devices available in each ESXi server. The initial configuration of the storage node is a few minutes and the deployment to each ESXi server a few more. You can see the whole live stream in this video on YouTube. Over the next week we will get the remaining videos added to the DVX Build Day Live playlist.

Lakshmi and I discussing latent sector errors and RAID rebuilds


Datrium DVX Open Converged Build Day Live on 11-16-2017

November is upon us and so we are getting close to the Datrium Build Day. The vBrownBag mobile data center will be making another trip to Sunnyvale in Silicon Valley. On Thursday the 16th of November, starting at 9 am Pacific time, we will live stream the process of deploying the Datrium Open Converged platform Read more about Datrium DVX Open Converged Build Day Live on 11-16-2017[…]

HPE SimpliVity Build Day Wrap Up

What a week, the HPE SimpliVity Build Day was a whole week of work in the data center. Our third Build Day showed you what it is like to deploy a SimpliVity HyperConvered Infrastructure (HCI) into an existing vSphere environment and migrate workloads. We implemented two SimpliVity clusters, migrating workloads into the first and adding Read more about HPE SimpliVity Build Day Wrap Up[…]

LIVE BUILD DAY Oct 26 9AM PDT vBrownBag Build Day with HPE SimpliVity

Now that the dust has settled from VMworld, it is Build Day season again. On October 26th, we will be live streaming from HPE in Houston as we deploy SimpliVity into an existing vSphere environment. I am really looking forward to this one as it was working with SimpliVity that helped form the idea of Read more about LIVE BUILD DAY Oct 26 9AM PDT vBrownBag Build Day with HPE SimpliVity[…]

vBrownBag Build Day with Datrium

The last quarter of 2017 is going to be busy for the vBrownBag Build Day team. In November, we will be in Sunnyvale (Silicon Valley) at the offices of Datrium. Datrium is the pioneer of “Open Convergence” which aims to deliver the value of Hyperconverged without some of the scaling limitations of putting persistent storage Read more about vBrownBag Build Day with Datrium[…]