New for 2020 – Build Day TV

Build Day Live has been bringing you live-streamed, hands-on, learning about various vendor’s products for the last three years. But this is 2020, so everything must change. Travel restrictions, particularly for me, mean that we do not expect to be doing Build Day Live events for quite a while. Our new format is more of a scheduled TV show with several series of episodes on specific topics. We will pre-record as we learn and share with you on a regular schedule. The first few episodes are about VPC network design on AWS and began with some subnet basics and now some firewalling. In the coming weeks, we will look at load balancing, high availability, and some design decisions that might not be so obvious. We also have a series coming on the VMware Software-Defined WAN, Velocloud. We also have a series on multi-cloud connectivity in cooperation with the CTO Advisor Datacentre project. Be sure to check out the Build Day Live web site, and the YouTube channel as we separate the Build Day content a little from the vBrownBag channels.