vBrownBag TechTalks and online VMworld

It is official, VMworld 2020 will be an online-only conference happening during the week of 28 September. There will be no in-person VMworld in the US or EMEA until at least 2021. I’m not surprised, and I’m pleased that the VMworld team has chosen to make an early call to go online. It is too early to be certain what that means for TechTalks at VMworld, whether we will be part of the schedule in the online format. If we are not part of the official VMworld online event, then we will simply run an online event for TechTalks close to the official event. Either way, we want your TechTalk submission using this form. If you are wondering what to do while you shelter in place, go ahead and start putting together a TechTalk presentation. The biggest change will be that your session will need to be recorded before the event. We plan to make a start on recording and editing TechTalks in May to avoid a last-minute crunch in September. Remember that we only need about ten minutes of presentation or demo that might help other community members. You can see all of the TechTalks from VMworld 2019 in this playlist.

Another great educational resource that needs to change is Build Day Live. It will be quite a few months before we can travel so vendors and make Build Day Live, so we are putting together something new. Watch out for the announcement of some regular video releases from the Build Day Live team.

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