#vBrownBag DevOps Follow-Up Git with Matthew Brender (@mjbrender)

Matthew Brender joins us for part 3 of the ProfessionalVMware.com DevOps series to talk about Git/GitHub and source code management.



You can follow Matthew on Twitter @mjbrender and his blog http://mjbrender.com/ and http://neckbeardinfluence.com/

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2 thoughts on “#vBrownBag DevOps Follow-Up Git with Matthew Brender (@mjbrender)

  • Great presentation, Matt!

    If anyone is interested in getting more hands on with git, I’d suggest the Puppet Hack on December 4th, bit.ly/1ngsRyX. Puppet is going to be covered tonight (10/15) so it’s a great way to learn two skills at once. If you’re not a programmer, you can still help out with documentation updates – a very easy way to learn with git without getting overwhelmed.

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