Azure App Services with Eric DeBord (@ewdebord)

Eric DeBord joins us for the Azure series discussing App Services. Eric is a contributor at Questions? Hit Eric up on twitter at *About vBrownBag* SUBSCRIBE! Socials: Twitter: Facebook: iTunes: Google+: is a community of people who believe in helping other people. Specifically we work in IT[…]

VMware NSX-T + CNA with Niran Even-Chen (@NiranEC)

Niran Even-Chen ( joins us to talk about NSX-T and Cloud Native Applications (CNA). Watch as he proves that they work together like peanut butter and jelly. The video includes 3 live demos! *About vBrownBag* SUBSCRIBE! Socials: Twitter: Facebook: iTunes: Google+: is a community of people who believe in[…]

VMware 6.7 APIs and Automation with Kyle Ruddy (@kmruddy)

Kyle Ruddy (@kmruddy) joins us to discuss and demo what’s new with the vSphere 6.7 APIs. The best way to reach Kyle for question is twitter DM Have a feature request? Post it to and they will look into it! *About vBrownBag* SUBSCRIBE! Socials: Twitter: Facebook: iTunes: Google+:

VMware vRealize Operations Manager: From Zero to Useful by Thom Greene (@tbgree00)

Thom Greene continues the “From Zero to Useful” series as he walks through configuration, design, and deployment of vRealize Operations Manager. Once configured, we dive into performing a health check of a virtual machine. Links from the show can be found at Thom’s blog: twitter: @tbgree00

VMware Infrastructure as Code with Brett Johnson (@brettjohnson008)

Brett Johnson introduces the concept of infrastructure as code, CD/CD pipeline, and Git best practices. Git Resources: Commitmas Git Documentation:

VMware and Terraform Infrastructure as Code with Grant Orchard (@grantorchard) Grant Orchard demonstrates using Terraform to deploy VMware VMs as code. He starts simple then introduces variables and shows how to deploy a complete application stack leveraging Terraform modules. Check out Grant’s blog series at Follow Grant on twitter at 3:00 – Brief introduction to Terraform 16:00 – Dependency Resolution/graphviz 19:00 –[…]

GCP Cloud Architect Certification Preparation with Raphael Soeiro (@raphaelsoeiro)

Raphael Soeiro (@raphaelsoeiro) joins us to talk about becoming certified on Google Cloud Platform. The GCP Cloud Architect certification tests your knowledge of the google cloud product set and also common sense architectural scenarios. Raphael introduces us to the wide world of GCP certification and describes all the resources available to become certified and prove[…]

#vBrownBag VCAP6-DCV Design 3V0-622 Obj 2.1 with #VCDX @PCradduck

Hi everybody! Ariel here. Please remember that we are still looking to fill this series’ presenter slots – reach out on twitter to any of your friendly vBrownBag crew members such as Gregg, Rebecca, Frank, Brett or myself to get added, or use the @vBrownBagEMEA handle. In the third session of the VCAP6-DCD Design vBrownBag Series we[…]