Episode Followup – A song of Decentralization and Observability: Dance with open telemetry by Aritra Nag

With the latest release in the statistics on the CNCF projects, it is evident that Opentelemetry is the recent trend in the developer community. It involves following standards about how to enable a single pane of glass to allow for tracing in the world of decentralized architectures, This Session will be focused on the open
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Episode Followup – Build Cloud-Native Apps with Serverless Integration Testing by Luc van Donkersgoed

In this fantastic episode, AWS Hero and Community Builder Luc van Donkersgoed (@donkersgood) gives us a view into how his company has incorporated integration testing into their serverless AWS environments! Resources: https://twitter.com/donkersgood https://bitesizedserverless.com/

Episode Followup – Prevent Surprise AWS Bills Through Simple Free Monitoring by Chris Scott

Chris Scott (@ccsdevio) comes on to talk about all things AWS Cost Optimization! We learn about the AWS costing structure, best practices, how to setup AWS Lambdas to monitor cost, and a little bit about impostor syndrome! Resources: https://twitter.com/ccsdevio https://github.com/ccsdevio/saferAWS

VMware vRealize Operations Manager: From Zero to Useful by Thom Greene (@tbgree00)

Thom Greene continues the “From Zero to Useful” series as he walks through configuration, design, and deployment of vRealize Operations Manager. Once configured, we dive into performing a health check of a virtual machine. Links from the show can be found at www.thomgreene.com/vrops Thom’s blog: www.thomgreene.com Github.com/tbgree00 twitter: @tbgree00

#vBrownBag Follow-Up Building an ERK Stack using Log Insight and Elastic Search w Edward Haletky (@texiwill)

Edward Haletky joins the #vBrownBag to discuss how he uses Log Inisight AND Elastic Search together. Log Insight and Elastic Search Video You can follow Edward on Twitter @texiwill Originally published at www.professionalvmware.com

OpenStack Lumberjack – Part 3 Logstash and Kibana

Our Story So Far So, if you are just joining up, what we are building is set to mimic the setup described Here. We have done a bit of set up in parts 1 and 2: – OpenStack Lumberjack Part 1 – OpenStack Lumberjack Part 2 In this post, we will install Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash,
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Monitoring OpenStack – Nagios 3

Part of the work around the upcoming OpenStack Cookbook involved a refresh of the chapter on Monitoring. Specifically, we wanted to deliver an updated section with some tool changes that would reflect the current state of things in terms of OpenStack monitoring. That said, after spending weeks and weeks exploring other options, we came back
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#vBrownBag Podcast Follow-ups

Sorry for the delay on some of these, it’s been an interesting few weeks. Here are the last bunch of #vBrownBag Podcast’s: Videos Puppet, DevOps, OpenStack, etc. 2013-05-28 20.04 #vBrownBag OpenStack – Puppet Labs, Config Management, DevOps, OpenStack from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. OpenStack Monitoring with Sensu 2013-05-28 20.04 #vBrownBag Sack Lunch – OpenStack Monitoring (Sensu)
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OpenStack Monitoring – Part 1 Installing Sensu

When OpenStack is deployed, it can grow to be quite complex and have any number of service interdependencies which makes monitoring it difficult. The Mirantis blog does a much better job of describing this than I could. This series will cover installing and configuring Sensu & it’s respective checks to monitor your OpenStack installation. This
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