We Need Reviewers!

The OpenStack Cookbook needs you! As you may or may not have heard, Kevin Jackson and I are updating his ever popular but Essex based OpenStack Cookbook to Grizzly. This also means we’re including things like Cinder, “The project formerly known as Quantum”, as well as some major updates to monitoring and identity services. We’re[…]

OpenStack Monitoring – Part 1 Installing Sensu

When OpenStack is deployed, it can grow to be quite complex and have any number of service interdependencies which makes monitoring it difficult. The Mirantis blog does a much better job of describing this than I could. This series will cover installing and configuring Sensu & it’s respective checks to monitor your OpenStack installation. This[…]

OpenStack Cookbook Update

A while back I met with Kevin Jackson (http://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/, @itarchitectkev) and gently (or not so gently) nudged him into updating the existing OpenStack Cookbook to Girzzly. As part of this we wanted to introduce new content (Quantum, Cinder, Automated / DevOps installations) etc. Because I pushed, I also inadvertently ended up under the bus for[…]

vCenter Orchestrator on VMware Press!

So this thing here happened. More importantly, the work I’ve been doing is now public: “Automating Day-to-Day Administration of VMware vSphere 5.x w/ vCenter Orchestrator” This hands-on technical guide to automating vSphere with Orchestrator teaches administrators how to save time and resources by automating their virtual infrastructure. Automation expert Cody Bunch teaches valuable practices and[…]