OpenStack Cookbook Update

A while back I met with Kevin Jackson (, @itarchitectkev) and gently (or not so gently) nudged him into updating the existing OpenStack Cookbook to Girzzly. As part of this we wanted to introduce new content (Quantum, Cinder, Automated / DevOps installations) etc. Because I pushed, I also inadvertently ended up under the bus for some chapters. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’re building and about how far along we are:

New 2nd Edition

  1. Starting OpenStack Identity Service
  2. Starting OpenStack Image Service
  3. Starting OpenStack Compute Service
  4. Administering OpenStack Compute
  5. Starting OpenStack Storage
  6. Using OpenStack Storage
  7. Administering OpenStack Storage
  8. Starting OpenStack Volume Service
  9. Starting OpenStack Dashboard
  10. Using OpenStack Networking
  11. Automating OpenStack Installations
  12. High Available OpenStack
  13. Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Chapters listed in bold have been submitted to the publisher, the rest are under-way. One of the other things we’re doing with this edition of the Cookbook is Vagrant and associated scripts for the various sections of the book:

Which will save you lots of typing. It can also serve as the starting point for working things into a DevOps framework/model. Note: As we’re still writing, these things may or may not stop working.

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