“Meet the expert/author” interviews at #VMworld US 2017

Hi everyone! @arielsanchezmor here. Just wanted to report that the 2nd edition of “Focus on the expert” interviews recorded during VMworld US 2017 are now all uploaded and published in their own Youtube playlist! We were also able to get 4 authors who recently released books to tell us more about them! The list: Corey[…]

Summer Reading List

I’ve normally got at least 3-4 books I’m reading at any given point. Sometimes they’re even related to what I do. That said, I don’t much like the echo chamber that becomes my own head, so, I asked via Twitter this morning what folks are reading and came up with a few good reads: Work-ish/Business-ish[…]

20% off OpenStack Cookbook

If you're at the OpenStack summit, and missed your chance to pick up a copy of the OpenStack Cookbook from the Rackspace booth, all is not lost. You can still pick up a copy directly from Packt pub, and for the duration of the Summit, get an additional 20% off: Go here: http://www.packtpub.com/openstack-cloud-computing-cookbook-second-edition/book At checkout,[…]

Buy The Book – OpenStack Cookbook 2nd Edition Released

Today marks the official release of the second edition of the OpenStack Cloud Computing cookbook. You can buy the Kindle edition here or the Hard Copy here.   What is the Cookbook? The OpenStack Cookbook is a collection of ‘recipes’ that will show you how to build, configure, manage, and maintain an OpenStack environment. This edition[…]

Couch to OpenStack – Vagrant Primer Follow-up

Last night Mr. VMTrooper himself (@VMTrooper) walked us through the basics of Vagrant. That is, we started with nothing, installed Vagrant and VirtualBox. From there we spun up the first VM. Then we delved into some of the various provisioners, scripts, and more advanced multi-vm vagrant environments. If you are following along and get stuck,[…]

We Need Reviewers!

The OpenStack Cookbook needs you! As you may or may not have heard, Kevin Jackson and I are updating his ever popular but Essex based OpenStack Cookbook to Grizzly. This also means we’re including things like Cinder, “The project formerly known as Quantum”, as well as some major updates to monitoring and identity services. We’re[…]

OpenStack Monitoring – Part 1 Installing Sensu

When OpenStack is deployed, it can grow to be quite complex and have any number of service interdependencies which makes monitoring it difficult. The Mirantis blog does a much better job of describing this than I could. This series will cover installing and configuring Sensu & it’s respective checks to monitor your OpenStack installation. This[…]