OpenStack Juno Summit Day 2 – Summary

Doing this sort of thing from the sidelines is much much more difficult than I’d imagined. There is so much happening at the actual event and the social streams only touch the surface of it. Again, the #vBrownBags are live streaming all week, which does help Stream: Schedule: The keynotes from today have[…]

OpenStack Juno Summit Day 1 – Summary

I’m not at the summit this go around, and that is unfortunate as there are lots and lots of really excellent things going on. Here are some links I’ve collected from the twitters and some commentary on what’s been live-streamed. Live Streaming: Keynotes: Tech Talks: Schedule: Security: Security got called out in[…]

20% off OpenStack Cookbook

If you're at the OpenStack summit, and missed your chance to pick up a copy of the OpenStack Cookbook from the Rackspace booth, all is not lost. You can still pick up a copy directly from Packt pub, and for the duration of the Summit, get an additional 20% off: Go here: At checkout,[…]

OpenStack Summit LiveBlog – R&D DevOps on OpenStack

Note: This is a liveblog, no edits. @Aethylred: R&D infrastructure highly variable and generates data at unpredictable rates. DevOps and #OpenStack allows researchers to control scaling. The DevOps session, Redmine for bugs, Chef/puppet, OpenLdap, svn & git, its a good OSS stack. Single portal, elastic cloud I think, for single pane for engineering, flexibility w/o[…]

OpenStack LiveBlog – TaskFlow and OpenStack

Note: This is a live blog, I've not spent time editing, formatting, etc TaskFlow answers the “Statemanagement” issue. Workflows w/o state makes recovery an issue. Also reliablility can be an issue. Race conditions Manager <-> API Boundary undefined states Why does state matter? Reliability, consistency Upgrades, or recovering from the upgrades Easy to understand workflows[…]

OpenStack Summit LiveBlog – Bridging the Gap: Explaining OpenStack to VMware Admins

Note: This is a live blog. It lacks formatting, editing, or any of the usual quality control that goes into these things. Bridging the Gap: Explaining OpenStack to the VMware Admin Speaking: Kenneth Hui – Open Cloud Architect, Rackspace Scott Lowe – Engineering Architect, VMware Architecture Different origins. vSphere to emulate infrastructure; OpenStack to provide[…]

OpenStack Summit – Summary pt 2

This post here is a quick wrap of the sessions I presented as well as relevant links to the hands on bits: Hands on with OpenStack Cinder & OpenStack Networking Slides Do it yourself If you find an error, have any questions, etc. Drop me a line. PCI-DSS and Practical OpenStack Hardening Slides

OpenStack Summit – Summary part 1

Tell you what. I am still so tired after the summit I can barely person properly three days later. So instead of trying to put together all my thoughts, I’ll leave you with some from folks who were thinking clearly: (This was pre-summit iirc) If you have any[…]