OpenStack Summit LiveBlog – Ctrip

Note: This is a live blog, no formatting, no editing, etc. Just a collection of notes.

Problems: New business line, super growth, 10x in next few years

Cost down, availability up

vDesktop, massive config changes, from IE to Chrome with a redeploy

Win => KVM => DevStack => 12.04

Thin Client => Switch => VDI

ARM clients, Salt & spice

Boot storm mitigation:

– MLC SSD, 4x 200gb, 2x 8core 160G ram, linked clones in 1s, delta file <5G 50 windows vms in 30s

simulation shows 60 per compute node

linked clone live migrates 1-2g delta 30s

Measuring experiance, how to measure if its as fast as desktop: offline page speed

Baremetal done using Razor and baremetal driver

VM provisioning, vCenter driver / deploy templates from datastores, neutron with dvswitch

Scheduler filters to HV / Datastore


Migration from VMware to KVM –

– Cost

– HA in app layer

– More OSS

Migration planned for 2014



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