OpenStack HongKong Summit – Day 1 Wrap-up

If this rambles, I apologize. What follows next, are my impressions, thoughts, and notes from Day 1 of the November 2013 Design Summit in Hong Kong.


The user storys this time around focused on Media, both big and small, along with Concur, the Expense reporting / management company. While not as huge as some of the user stories in summits past, these were interesting for a few reasons:

  • OpenStack is becomming part of the fabric of life.
  • Hybrid is real.
  • Interop needs to happen

The non-user story keynotes from Cononical and IBM were also telling. Both brought up the Interop question again. Also, there was some focus on focus. Both also had a local customer of OpenStack come up and speak.

The rest of the day was spent mixed between Design summit sessions, standard breakout sessions, and booth duty.

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