Some Numbers

As I get into this performance thing with Mr Kevin. I thought I’d share a few numbers from early builds and what not. You know, the sort of “should we do this” thing kind of stuff. These nubmers are for a 5 node build using the Vagrantfiles here: Node CPU Ram Controller 1 1 1.5GB[…]

OSCON – Day 00 (or is it 1?)

Ok, so yesterday (two days ago now) started with “Day -1” but mayhaps I’m just an idiot, who knows. So, today’s workshop? Well, it was pretty amazing. Lots of good questions, and the lab worked for most folks. We did have some questions come up around what CLI commands we were copying/pasting during the preso[…]

OSCON – Day -1 Getting Started

All kinds of checked into the hotel room. Speaker badge acquired, and scoped out the presentation room for tomorrow. If you haven’t already and are going to be here, you can download all of the materials here. If your hote wifi sucks, we’ll have all of this on USB keys Other Day 1 Tidbits –[…]

OSCON Lab Materials

tl;dr Download our OSCON lab materials here. As a follow-up on my coming to OSCON, I thought it prudent to provide some info & downloads for the lab ahead of time. Lab Materials While we will have USB keys in the tutorial for everyone, we figure some of y’all might want to get started early.[…]

Hi-ho Hi-ho, Off to OSCON We Go!

For those that didn’t get the messge on the twitters, I will be at OSCON this year. Specifically, I will be helping Egle run a “Getting Started with OpenStack” tutorial. The tutorial will begin with an overview of OpenStack and its different components. We will then provide access to the individual OpenStack instances to the[…]

Installing a New Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 12.04

Installing a New Linux Kernel on Ubuntu 12.04 Whilst this may be common knowledge for those who have been working with Ubuntu for a while, it took me a few google searches to figure out, so here is the process I have settled on. sudo apt-get update # List available versions sudo apt-cache search linux-image-generic-lts[…]