Quiet or Unattended Installing OpenLDAP on Ubuntu 14.04

After much looking about, I couldn’t actually find a decent writeup on this. At least not all in one place. So after having beat my face against it for a little while (repeatedly), I came up with the below.

Installing OpenLDAP

You’ll need an Ubuntu 14.04 box for this (tho, 12.04 should also work). Once logged in, you can run the following commands to make things work:

export DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive

echo -e " 
slapd    slapd/internal/generated_adminpw    password   openstack
slapd    slapd/password2    password    openstack
slapd    slapd/internal/adminpw    password openstack
slapd    slapd/password1    password    openstack
" | sudo debconf-set-selections

sudo apt-get install -y slapd ldap-utils

After this goes through the motions, you can then check that things are working by running

sudo slapcat


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