Link Dump: Promise Theory

Ok, my head hurts. So much reading, watching, things to think about in regard to the application of promise theory… Wish I could promise these were light posts or so. Quick Intro Wiki ACI Kitchen Soap Intro to Promise Theory Mark Burgess More Intro Jeff Sussna Requirements into Promises Scaling Agile with Promises Promise
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Link Dump – Linux Kernel IO Scheduling

Wikipedia Rabbit Hole Warning! These links are provided with no context and no explanation.

Closing Some Open Tabs – Ruby, etc

Here are these things in case I need to find them again: A link_to helper for Sinatra A flash[:something] gem for Sinatra OmniAuth for rails / ruby Twitter auth in Sinatra

Some ngnix things

Playing around with a few ideas for #vBrownBag tech talk voting, I was trying to deploy a ruby app with Puma and Ngnix. Here’s a number of the resources used: I also tied it in with Vagrant & the Rackspace provider. Depending on how things go, there will be a
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OpenStack Link Dump 8/21/2013

Doing some maintenance on my open-tabs, here is a dump of the OpenStack-ish things I’ve been looking at recently: – Puppet Modules for OpenStack update – RDO on Fedora 19 – LocalRC settings for doing different DevStack things – Ansible & DevStack w/ Vagrant – Ansible Playbooks for OpenStack Private
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Link Dump

Too many tabs open to function otherwise. Here’s a quick dump of what has been going on. Most of it OpenStack Summit related. – Good summit wrap up < Videos Triple O – Baremetal OpenStack –

Link Dump – Too many open links

Time machine hated me between moves: Bash Pipes – Swift in Grizzly hated me – Changing VMX boot order – Installing Chef Server – dnsmasq example config – Quantum & Grizzly – Availability Zones in Grizzly – Trust and RBAC for OpenStack – Swift on the
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Link Dump 10/5/12

Having too many browser tabs open sucks, so here is a list of things that I have found interesting or useful, OpenStack related in the last week or so: Live Migration: From IBM on Quantum: OpenFlow, OpenSwitch, OpenStack: What’s new in Folsom: Quantum Plug-ins: Swift in Folsom: Folsom Architecture:
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