Some ngnix things

Playing around with a few ideas for #vBrownBag tech talk voting, I was trying to deploy a ruby app with Puma and Ngnix. Here’s a number of the resources used: I also tied it in with Vagrant & the Rackspace provider. Depending on how things go, there will be a[…]

Vagrant, Chef, and the last 72 Hours

At the suggestion of someone in the office that I look into using Vagrant in conjunction with a project, I started digging… and digging. Here are some links: Now, those links, and likely a number I’ve closed and lost, along with some of these for Chef:[…]

Installing Rackspace Private Cloud Distro in Fusion 5

A bit different than the last time around where all manner of things needed to be adjusted to use the Rackspace Private Cloud Dsitro. Specifically, to get going, you need to follow these steps: Download the distro form here. While that take’s it’s sweet time, spend a moment to look over the getting started guides.[…]

Running Rackspace Private Cloud on ESXi

First Post! Now, with that out of my system, I’ve found that running the just published OpenStack Private Cloud on bare metal to be a bit out of reach for my homelab. That said, I did find that it runs exceedingly well as a nested hypervisor on ESXi (use the tools I’ve got) and all.[…]