#vBrownBag w/ @MikeMetral


#vBrownBag – Sack Lunch #1 – OpenStack with @mikemetral from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.


  • [Corrected] At 23 minutes Mike states Quantum was not a core project in Folsom, this is incorrect, and Quantum is indeed a core project. He meant to say that it’s not a core requirement of OpenStack yet and has not completely replaced nova-network at this given time.
  • How to get involved: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/How_To_Contribute

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  • Folks:

    To expand on the notes that Cody provided regarding Quantum:

    Though my slides and discussion detailed Quantum as a core project, right around minute 26, I verbally stated that it was still in incubation. This was a mistake on my part and I’m not sure what I was thinking. I apologize for any confusion I might have caused 🙂

    What I meant to say was the following: Quantum is in fact a core project of OpenStack; however, it is not a strict requirement yet for an OpenStack environment. It has not yet replaced nova-network, but rather is left up to the cloud operator/administrator to decide how to use it, if at all.

    If you have any further questions about this talk, OpenStack, or with regards to Rackspace Private Cloud (Alamo) and Rackspace’s Fanatical Support, please tweet me @mikemetral.


    Mike Metral

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