Vagrant and Multi-Node Rackspace Private Cloud

At some point in the last few weeks, Rackspace released an update to their OpenStack Private Cloud distro. This time around setting it up is straight forward, a line or two of copy & paste bash script. However, being as lazy as I am, I wanted to be able to build a cluster of these over and over with just a quick command. So, here it is, ClusterBuilder:

Using ClusterBuilder

You need VirtualBox and Vagrant (at least until Vagrant supports Workstation / Fusion)

After that, grab a coffee, as the build can take a few minutes. When you come back, port 4343 on your local host has been forwarded to the web interface of the OpenCenter server where you can continue your OpenStack cluster build.


Note: This will take about 4GB of ram just for the VMs, with some additional for overhead.

The Vagrantfile is a derivative of the one found here:

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