OpenStack Link Dump 8/21/2013

Doing some maintenance on my open-tabs, here is a dump of the OpenStack-ish things I’ve been looking at recently: – Puppet Modules for OpenStack update – RDO on Fedora 19 – LocalRC settings for doing different DevStack things – Ansible & DevStack w/ Vagrant – Ansible Playbooks for OpenStack Private
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Link Dump – Too many open links

Time machine hated me between moves: Bash Pipes – Swift in Grizzly hated me – Changing VMX boot order – Installing Chef Server – dnsmasq example config – Quantum & Grizzly – Availability Zones in Grizzly – Trust and RBAC for OpenStack – Swift on the
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Link Dump – 7/18/2012

Links! Lots of them. Here we go again: Not Virt specific, but applies to all vendors/products/brands in the virt space: Oh NOES you’ve been haxed! – ESXi Builds in AutoLab – https://vbrownbag.comm/2012/07/autolab-automation-uncovered-esxi-builds/ Windows Builds in AutoLab – https://vbrownbag.comm/2012/06/autolab-automation-uncovered-windows-builds/ vCenter Ops Fundamentals Class – VCAP-DCA5 is now available – Is CLI
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Link Dump – End of June

Holy links Batman! What follows below are a collection of links from the semi-regular closing of tabs to reclaim memory. Also, most of them are virtualization/VMware related!   Rails apps at scale – With the various outages last week, a DR piece – The UnConference – More UnConference – Piston Cloud
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Link Dump – 5/25/12

This also notes the first post made from a Win7 instance running on the OCP box via VMware View! Also, I don’t have cats, but I blame my excessive amount of open tabs on them: Links VCAP-DCA Obj 9 follow-up Big Iron hatin on Cloud Storage: Razor! – Read, watch the videos… then
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Link Dump 5/19/12

It’s time for yet another round of ‘close ALL the tabs’. Made even better this time by some random mixup by which some apps open links in FireFox tabs, others in Chrome. Instead of fixing it, it makes for a nice organization system. – To code or not to code. Some decent arguments both
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Link Dump – 5/6/2012

Last week was entertaining, what with a laptop rebuild and knocking out some Orchestrator work in preparation for VMworld. (More on that later). Here’s the tabs I currently have open: VDDK API Reference – Enabling CBT with PowerCLI: Doing the above for a number of VMs at once: More of the same:
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Open Tabs 4/20/12

It’s that time again. Here are some of the interesting happenings of the past week: EVC Mode – Virtualization Practice (@texiwill) on what OpenStack is not: How Rackspace used Continuous Delivery to rebuild the cloud: VCAP5-DCA Training – Sean Crookston & Harley Stagner’s new book: vCloud Networking explained –
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Open Tabs 4/12/12

VLAN Trunking – Really Really good vSphere 5 memory management diagram – Make Bigger Clusters – Storage Performance T-Shooting – Demystify Hadoop! – CCNA Part 1 – CCNA Part 2 – Infiniband over Ethernet == Fast – Some really cool info on how Instagram handled LOTS of
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Open Tabs – 4/7/12

<– Seems most weeks feel like this anymore. I’ve also found that in addition to open tabs, the number of browser windows has also multiplied. Here’s some that I think are particularly relevant and/or interesting: Host Profiles Tech Overview – Minimum viable vCenter Converter Permissions – Xtravirt on Host Profiles – Sometimes
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Link Dump – 3/12/12

I’ve again hit the point where Chrome was eating up too much memory. Thusly, here’s what is currently in my open tabs: PCoIP, Win 8, iPad – Resource Pool Shares & vCD – vBenchmark – Building Block Scaling – Use vCO to manage View – vCenter 5 API for Guest
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Open Tabs – Week ending 3/2/2012

That time again… time to close out a metric boat load of tabs. In no particular order: vCO.Next Sneak peak – Mike Laverick’s VCP5 experience – An evolved “enable FT” PowerCLI function – ESX System Analyzer (Pre-ESXi Upgrades, etc) – MMM Numa Numa Numa – Some vSphere/ESXi 5 Lab experiences –
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Open Tabs–Week ending 2/17/2012

Yes, it’s only Tuesday, but I need to get some of these tabs closed if for nothing else but to reclaim the memory. That said, there are some good ones. 24% of IT shops, no performance monitoring – vSphere Alarms & PowerCLI (This area needs much more coverage) Setting alarms with PowerCLI More
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Useful Links – vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA)

To be honest, I’ve not poked at the vSphere Storage Appliance since the vSphere 5.x Beta. That said, the technology itself looks promising, and as will be discussed on the BrownBag this week, it will become part of some of your vSphere designs. To help prep for the BrownBag or to learn overall about the
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