vPower Week Follow-Up

Haven’t had time this week to collect a full set of ideas & thoughts into a coherent post, so rather than give you something fully baked, I’ll give you some of the stuff running in my open tabs as well as a Veeam vPower Follow-Up, and not really in that order:

vPower Summary

So for those who missed this on Thursday, you missed a pretty good show. Veeam as always has a pretty slick product. One of the things touched on briefly and that didn’t get as much play as it should was the “instant” restore & sVmotion back to production bits. Also, the ability to restore attributes of an AD user (or SQL table, or exchange mailbox items) from an archived VM… that there, that there was magic.

imageThere were some separate adventures had getting to the venue as well. The net result is that when traveling, don’t believe the name on the hotel… they could have been bought/sold in the last week. Also, don’t wear your rhinestone shades when traveling, roll with the cheap sunglasses.

PowerCLI @ vPower

While I was the “unexpected” presenter, it all went off without a hitch. To preempt the “was it recorded” question, I basically delivered a variant of this BrownBag. Early indications are, this slide deck/content will get a LOT of mileage this year. Also of note: I love Fusion’s “fast install” option, I went from 0 to fully installed vSphere environment in about 2h in the hotel the night before the show. For those playing along, that was from midnight -> 2am, with the presentation at 10ish in the morning… Yeah, skydiving without a parachute, would not have it any other way.

Open Tabs

Those open tabs… yeah:


That was a longer post than I thought it’d be, and a bit more rambling and less value-add than I thought. Watch this space for more vCO, PowerCLI and General vSphere fun in the nearish future. Picture by this guy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/epw/

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