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OpenStack Link Dump 8/21/2013

Doing some maintenance on my open-tabs, here is a dump of the OpenStack-ish things I’ve been looking at recently: http://my1.fr/blog/why-openstack-puppet-modules-did-not-have-vacation/ – Puppet Modules for OpenStack update http://www.blog.sandro-mathys.ch/2013/08/install-rdo-havana-2-on-fedora-19-and.html – RDO on Fedora 19 http://www.sebastien-han.fr/blog/2013/08/16/best-localrc-for-devstack/ – LocalRC settings for doing different DevStack things https://github.com/lorin/devstack-vm – Ansible & DevStack w/ Vagrant https://github.com/al3x/sovereign – Ansible Playbooks for OpenStack Private[…]