Automate ALL the things #vBrownBag Follow Up – PowerCLI for the VDI geek with Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici)

Andrew Leibovici talks about how you can start to automate VMware Horizon View, how it works, how to configure your environment, how to get-help and some examples. #vBrownBag Automate ALL the things – PowerCLI for the VDI geek with Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo.

Link Dump – Linux Kernel IO Scheduling

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Automate ALL The Things #vBrownBag Follow Up – PowerCLI for the VM admin with Alan Renouf (@alanrenouf)

Alan Renouf rolls the next Automate All the Things session, discussing PowerCLI for the infrastructure manager.  He kicks off with requirements for PowerCLI as well as some basic commands to help get you started automating all the things. **First 35 seconds not edited, after all isn’t that what makes a #vBrownBag? Slides Video #vBrownBag Automate[…]