Some Numbers

As I get into this performance thing with Mr Kevin. I thought I’d share a few numbers from early builds and what not. You know, the sort of “should we do this” thing kind of stuff.

These nubmers are for a 5 node build using the Vagrantfiles here:

Node CPU Ram
Controller 1 1 1.5GB
Controller 2 1 2GB
Compute 1 2 2GB
Cinder 1 1 .5GB
Chef 1 1GB

The hardware involved is a late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro:
– 2.5 Ghz Core i5
– 8GB Ram

Note, this environment will be similar, but not the only environment we build out for the OpenStack Summit and the Performance book. The theory being, a change or two here can be more quickly tested for positive or negative effect than rebuilding a full deployment.


Below are the best results of 3 reach for each setup.

Some other things about this:
– I have no horse in the race for either platform or OS. Just running some vagrant-ups.
– This is done over 3 runs of each. Mostly not using the laptop. Basically, I did a /lot/ of reading during this time.
– These are pretty manila. That is, no caching, no performance hacks on Fusion or vBox.
– Virtualbox and my MacBook don’t get along under the load of the environment. Basically after hours of lost time, many hard crashes, and such, I’m going with “n/a” on performance numbers for vBox. At least for now.

VMware Fusion and Ubuntu 12.04

real    63m25.441s
user    2m30.644s
sys 0m24.843s

VMware Fusion and Centos 6.5

real    124m32.479s
user    3m5.562s
sys 0m28.180s

Virtualbox and Ubuntu 12.04


Virtualbox and Centos 6.5


Notes on Virtualbox:
During the testing for anything on virtualbox in this list, I encountered no small amount of hard crashes. For CentOS alone, about 15 hours was sunk. As I stated before, I don’t have a horse in the race between one or the other, but damn was this a challenge. If you can make it run and don’t mind helping, drop a comment with the output of time vagrant up --provider=virtualbox for this environment, and what hardware you’re running it on.

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