#vBrownBag Tech Talk schedule–VMworld USA 2014

Now that VMworld USA is over for another year we have a heap of video to look over. The TechTalk videos are all linked from teh session titles below and in this playlist on YouTube. We also had a great time with the Opening Acts panel discussions, those videos are in this playlist on YouTube.

If you missed out at VMworld USA you still have a chance to present a TechTalk at VMworld EMEA in Barcelona next month. Sign up using this form.


#vBrownBag Follow-Up Virtual Design Master (@vdmchallenge)

Damian Karlson hosts a Q&A with members of the Virtual Design Master Team as well as several current and former participants from season 2 including Melissa Palmer, Byron Schaller and Geoff Wilmington. Video You can learn about the Virtual Design Master competition at www.virtualdesignmaster.com and follow along on Twitter @vdmchallenge Originally published at http://vbrownbag.comm –[…]

Announcing the Summer 2014 #vBrownBag Book-apolooza winners – Thank You @VMware Press and @Packtpub

First and foremost thank to all of our listeners and supporters and to VMware Press and Packt Publishing for supporting this contest.  We asked you why you wanted to win the books you requested here were some of my favorites: vSphere Design Best Practices – In my day to day work, I routinely design, build[…]