#vBrownBag Tech Talk schedule–VMworld USA 2014

Now that VMworld USA is over for another year we have a heap of video to look over. The TechTalk videos are all linked from teh session titles below and in this playlist on YouTube. We also had a great time with the Opening Acts panel discussions, those videos are in this playlist on YouTube.

If you missed out at VMworld USA you still have a chance to present a TechTalk at VMworld EMEA in Barcelona next month. Sign up using this form.


#vBrownBag Follow-Up Virtual Design Master (@vdmchallenge)

Damian Karlson hosts a Q&A with members of the Virtual Design Master Team as well as several current and former participants from season 2 including Melissa Palmer, Byron Schaller and Geoff Wilmington. Video You can learn about the Virtual Design Master competition at www.virtualdesignmaster.com and follow along on Twitter @vdmchallenge Originally published at http://vbrownbag.comm –[…]

Announcing the Summer 2014 #vBrownBag Book-apolooza winners – Thank You @VMware Press and @Packtpub

First and foremost thank to all of our listeners and supporters and to VMware Press and Packt Publishing for supporting this contest. ¬†We asked you why you wanted to win the books you requested here were some of my favorites: vSphere Design Best Practices – In my day to day work, I routinely design, build[…]