Summer Reading List

I’ve normally got at least 3-4 books I’m reading at any given point. Sometimes they’re even related to what I do. That said, I don’t much like the echo chamber that becomes my own head, so, I asked via Twitter this morning what folks are reading and came up with a few good reads: Work-ish/Business-ish[…]

Link Dump: Promise Theory

Ok, my head hurts. So much reading, watching, things to think about in regard to the application of promise theory… Wish I could promise these were light posts or so. Quick Intro Wiki ACI Kitchen Soap Intro to Promise Theory Mark Burgess More Intro Jeff Sussna Requirements into Promises Scaling Agile with Promises Promise[…]

My Markdown Workflow… for now.

Some Markdown Things I’ve recently started to think about doing another book (or three if I’m to be believed). As part of that, I thought long and hard about my current workflow. What worked, what did not, and started to make some changes. One of those changes was to start writing “the things” in Markdown.[…]

Kicking VMware Fusion Networking in the Teeth

Ran into some problems yesterday with VMware networking. It started after a few months of constantly adding and changing networks. Sometimes via Vagrant other times manually. In the end, while the VMNet networking devices would start, all of the network interfaces within the VMs were showing disconnected. Here is how I solved it: Restart Fusion[…]