Getting Started With OpenStack IceHouse – Cookbook Style

With the Juno summit underway, it means that OpenStack IceHouse shipped recently. As you may know, I worked with Mr Kevin Jackson (here) on the second OpenStack Cookbook which was a Grizzly release. Mind, books take a /long/ time to update, so we decided against re-releasing for IceHouse. That said, the examples in the book, concepts, and builds are still relevant. That is, we’ve updated the online code repositories to help you get started.

Getting Started

To get started you will need to install virtualbox (or VMware Fusion/Workstation), Vagrant, and Git. Doing that is a bit beyond our scope for the moment, but if you don’t have them, you can still view the code samples online.

Using the OpenStack Cookbook with IceHouse

To get started, run the following commands:

How it Works

The first command “git clone…” pulls down the code repository from github. This includes all scripts and files needed to build the OpenStack environment.

Next we checkout the ‘icehouse’ branch. That is, we use git checkout to specify that we want to work with the IceHouse build.

Finally, we check the Vagrant environemt is what we expect.

What’s Next?

You can run vagrant up and explore the various examples in the book!

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