OpenStack Summit LiveBlog – An Evaluation of OpenStack Deployment Frameworks

Note: This is a liveblog. I didn’t proof read / spellcheck etc. An Evaluation of OpenStack Deployment Frameworks Symantec has a diverse set of development needs across product lines, etc. Consolidation of those systems OpenStack and other OSS building blocks Desire to submit patches back to the project, security fixes, etc. Tried 5 different tools,[…]

OpenStack Summit – Summary pt 2

This post here is a quick wrap of the sessions I presented as well as relevant links to the hands on bits: Hands on with OpenStack Cinder & OpenStack Networking Slides Do it yourself If you find an error, have any questions, etc. Drop me a line. PCI-DSS and Practical OpenStack Hardening Slides

OpenStack Summit – Summary part 1

Tell you what. I am still so tired after the summit I can barely person properly three days later. So instead of trying to put together all my thoughts, I’ll leave you with some from folks who were thinking clearly: (This was pre-summit iirc) If you have any[…]