OpenStack Summit – Summary pt 2

This post here is a quick wrap of the sessions I presented as well as relevant links to the hands on bits: Hands on with OpenStack Cinder & OpenStack Networking Slides Do it yourself If you find an error, have any questions, etc. Drop me a line. PCI-DSS and Practical OpenStack Hardening Slides

OpenStack Summit – Summary part 1

Tell you what. I am still so tired after the summit I can barely person properly three days later. So instead of trying to put together all my thoughts, I’ll leave you with some from folks who were thinking clearly: (This was pre-summit iirc) If you have any[…]

2013-04-18 ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag LATAM – VMware Studio vApps p/ @kylemurley @vBrownbagLATAM

The following content is in Spanish, the language in which the webinar is presented. El 18 de abril 2013 en ProfessionalVMware #vBrownBag LATAM se presentó el tema “VMware Studio vApps” p/ @kylemurley @vBrownbagLATAM RECURSOS VMware Studio 2.0 – Build vApps and Virtual Appliances Part 1: Part 2: VMware Studio Sharepoint Windows vApp Demo:[…]