OpenStack Summit – Day 2

In short, I didn’t get to much other than the Keynote(s) today. Was doing some last minute prep for a 4:30p session today (Wednesday).

Keynote Summary:

  • Live streaming is available on
  • This is the largest summit yet, 1400 folks in attendance. Quite a few last minute, so, logistics on day 1 were a bit off due to unexpected numbers.
  • May not be the “biggest” open cloud event, but definitely the most productive.
  • Scheduling is also on
  • Board of directors breakfast panel, 7:45a
  • Now, this is a bit different, and quite cool: on Friday, the last day of the conference, there is a “service day” where we’ll be cleaning up the beach via Surf Rider
  • There is an Unconference track & Lightning talks.
  • The OpenStack foundation is now independent and well supported…image
    • Owns the name and the trademark. Technical direction comes from the technical committee
    • Technical committee is elected 100% on merit of contributors of code.
    • Beyond that, board meetings are not boring, because everyone is excited and engaged.
    • Board is drawn up as follows:
      • 8 members, community elected
      • 8 members, appointed from the platinum level
      • 8 members, elected from the gold level
    • Platinum/Gold/Free – First two cost some cash, the third is free for everyone to either contribute / consume.
    • NEW: There is a User Committee – This will function as the voice of the user. If you don’t do code, you can still contribute hugely here.
  • On Success: We’ll win because…
    • Users – OpenStack users are not typical software consumers. They are engaged and passionate about OpenStack as well as the community.
      • Tron – We fight for the users!
      • Lots of user sessions this week around all manner of topics (10 – 10k nodes, etc).
    • International –
      • The OpenStack community is not just pretty big, it’s also global.
      • There are lots of countries represented at the conference, most every continent.
      • Look for an international summit soon. If you have suggestions, email to:
    • Passion –
      • There were more folks lined up waiting to get into the conference than there were for a local iPhone launch.
      • There was a review of the livestream data, also a note that the keynote had filled the main room and had some overflow into others.
      • Passion != Hype, it means we care, we’re engaged, and want to see “The Right Thing” happen.

Ubuntu Keynote

    • JuJu looks cool!
      • New GUI, and while that’s slick, is not the most awesome part.image
      • JuJu is Magic! – instead of plugins, there are charms.
        • Chef / Puppet
        • Python
        • etc
      • There was a live demo of upgrading from Essex to Folsom using JuJu
        • There was also an all powerful Oz behind the curtain.
    • There are 4 places IT spends money: Ops, Ops, Ops, Ops
      • There were other things on the slide, honestly! However, he focused on Ops.
      • To alleviate some pain, stay close to mainline. It will save you headache down the road
    • Billing & Metering are key for user experience

Nebula Keynote

  • Awesome Glasses!
  • Not talking about things, like how big, or what OpenStack is. Instead, talking about the WHY of it.
  • The space is changing…
    • Not one IAAS, or even one metal provider or PAAS
    • Apps will have to be the center of the equation
    • Will need to consume various resources from various parts of various stacks
  • Because of the changing landscape, be aware of why we are here this week. Take the opportunity to build something others will want to emulate, not become them.

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