Couch to OpenStack – Quantum Follow-Up

Thanks everyone for coming along last night. To recap, we: Used git to clone the Couch to OpenStack repo Used Vagrant to stand up the ‘controller’, ‘compute’, ‘cinder’, and ‘quantum’ VMs Used the Vagrant shell provisioner to install Ubuntu Grizzly repos MySQL KeyStone Glance Nova Cinder Quantum Setup .stackrc with environment variables Discussed the OpenStack
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OpenStack #vBrownBag – Quantum and You

Last night we had on a coworker of mine (as in sits less than 8 feet away) on to talk about the state of networking and what Quantum (and SDN) can bring to the table. Note: We had a screen resolution mismatch. With luck you’ll be able to see it better on the recording: 2013-03-26
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OpenStack Summit – Day 1

Quick Summary of Monday at the OpenStack Summit. First, the important things: The conference bag was quite nice, and quite thoughtful. A carry on sized duffel bag. Mostly, this will be filled with t-shirts and non computer things for the trip back home. I got in late, so didn’t get to as many sessions as
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