OpenStack Summit – Day 0

Just prior to shutting down my laptop for the final bit of pre-flight packing, I thought I’d point out a few of the sessions I plan to be at in the coming week at the OpenStack summit:

  • Monday:
    • Real-time Node Monitoring
    • Hybrid Clouds w/ Cloud Foundry
    • Quantum API Improvements
    • Incremental Imaging / Database in the Cloud
    • Multiple Image Locations / Support Metric
    • Super Bootcamp
    • Devops Upgrade
    • Bare-Metal Provisioning
  • Tuesday
    • QA In the Open
    • Swift / Quantum Fog
    • Chef for OpenStack / Infrastructure Automation
    • SmokeStack / Surviving your first check-in
    • DevOps Panel
    • Cinder Update
  • Wednesday:
    • How is VMware contributing to OpenStack
    • Practical SDN with Quantum
    • Cinder w/ Paul Sims
  • Thursday
    • Open (too many things look interesting, will play by ear)

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