OpenStack Summit Day 2 – Wrap up

Note: This one will feel a bit live-blogish as well. It being written in a hurry and such.

Today’s keynotes had a bit of a different flavor than yesterdays. While there were still user use cases up front, they took a slightly different tone.

Keynote themes:

There were a few themes that cut across the various keynotes (both the user stories and vendor keynotes):

  • OpenStack is huge in China
  • 2 of the top 10 cities for ATC are in China
  • Focus
  • Interop
  • Hybrid is a thing.

User Stories

There were two user stories this morning,, QiHoo, and Ctrip. All Chinese companies, and doing some things at a super large scale.

The “YouTube of China” uses OpenStack

  • 8 million concurrent transcodes
  • Puppet for deploys, Zabbix for monitoring
  • OpenStack powers backend, search, transcode, and the smartphone / tvdvr thing


Top 3 ISP in China, 450 million users.

  •, browsers, antivirus, desktops, Game Center.
  • 15 million files in cloud AV
  • Tarball based images
  • QoS
  • Instance recycle bin
  • Network refactoring
  • Horizon improvements
  • Folsom based
  • Next steps: Move to Havana, Shared storage


China’s biggest travel site

  • 40% market share, 234 cities / areas; Largest flight booking, 5000 airports; etc
  • 3 DC’s – 20k new members / day
  • 200K Calls / days
  • Cloud VDI, 1k this year, 13000 next year

Ctrip had an interesting path to OpenStack. One that took them from VMware to CloudStack, and then finally OpenStack.

Truth Happens – RedHat

  • Triple O
  • InterOp

HP Keynote

  • No lockin
  • Interop NEEDS to happen
  • Hybrid cloud is real, interop is real, testing framework == hybrid, two different public providers, 20k deploys / week
  • need to work better on continuous deploy, infrastructure, security
  • Dont just write plugins, fix core if its not ready

The Rest of the Day

I did a live blog or two covering the remainder of the day. Overall the show has been quite busy.


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