[Couch to OpenStack] Homework Assignment – Github, Install MySQL / Keystone

Now that we have Vagrant up and running and a good understanding of how to bring a vagrant box up and down, let’s take this next week and do the following for homework: Sign up for a GitHub account Fork the Couch_to_OpenStack repo (https://github.com/bunchc/Couch_to_OpenStack/) Review the guide here:¬†http://docs.openstack.org/grizzly/basic-install/apt/content/basic-install_controller.html#basic-install_controller-common Install MySQL and Keystone Submit Changes to[…]

Couch to OpenStack – Vagrant Primer Follow-up

Last night Mr. VMTrooper himself (@VMTrooper) walked us through the basics of Vagrant. That is, we started with nothing, installed Vagrant and VirtualBox. From there we spun up the first VM. Then we delved into some of the various provisioners, scripts, and more advanced multi-vm vagrant environments. If you are following along and get stuck,[…]