Azure Monitoring and Operations with Ben Di Qual (@bendiq)

Hey guys, this is Ken Nalbone and Luis Ayuso. Ben Di Qual adds to our Azure series with a demonstration on Azure Monitoring and Operations. We take a look at the Azure dashboard and monitoring capabilities, both overall and within specific application stacks. If you’d like to ask Ben Questions, reach out to him on[…]

vBrownBag Follow-UP AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Domain 1 w Byron Schaller (@byronschaller)

We kick off our AWS Certified SysOps Administrator series with Byron Schaller – AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional and VCDX #231, covering domain 1.0 Monitoring and Metrics. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Domain 1.0 Show Notes: – Topics to know (2:37) – CloudWatch (3:15) – CloudWatch Collection Times for EC2 (4:45) – CloudWatch EC2 Default Metrics[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-Up VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 7 with Dan Barr (@vDanBarr)

Dan Barr covers Monitoring for section 7 of the VMware Certified Professional 6 Foundation Exam. VCP6 Foundation Section 7 Video Objective 7.1 – Describe tasks, charts and events – List important metrics like esxtop counters for CPU, memory, disk, network, counters in web client monitoring, indentify common issues – Review monitor/logging options, syslog, snmp, log[…]

#vBrownBag Follow-Up VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 6 with Mike Wilson (@IT_Muscle)

Mike Wilson is back to discuss troubleshooting in vSphere 6. VCP6 Troubleshooting Video Objective 6.1 – General troubleshooting steps, log locations – Demo includes ESXi health monitor, export information Objective 6.2 – Review common storage, network, VM issues including resource contention, identifying when virtual machines do not have access to enough resources – Demo includes[…]

Monitoring OpenStack – Nagios 3

Part of the work around the upcoming OpenStack Cookbook involved a refresh of the chapter on Monitoring. Specifically, we wanted to deliver an updated section with some tool changes that would reflect the current state of things in terms of OpenStack monitoring. That said, after spending weeks and weeks exploring other options, we came back[…]

Couch to OpenStack – Monitoring Follow-Up

Thanks again for everyone coming along for the Nagios ride. To recap we: Reviewed the requirements for monitoring. Installation of the NPRE agent Other monitoring solutions, and why we chose Nagios Installation of Nagios How to monitor certain services How to quickly and easily install and configure dashboards Here are the resources from the show:[…]

OpenStack Monitoring – Part 1 Installing Sensu

When OpenStack is deployed, it can grow to be quite complex and have any number of service interdependencies which makes monitoring it difficult. The Mirantis blog does a much better job of describing this than I could. This series will cover installing and configuring Sensu & it’s respective checks to monitor your OpenStack installation. This[…]