#vBrownBag Follow-Up VCP6 Foundation Exam Section 6 with Mike Wilson (@IT_Muscle)

Mike Wilson is back to discuss troubleshooting in vSphere 6. VCP6 Troubleshooting Video Objective 6.1 – General troubleshooting steps, log locations – Demo includes ESXi health monitor, export information Objective 6.2 – Review common storage, network, VM issues including resource contention, identifying when virtual machines do not have access to enough resources – Demo includes[…]

Upcoming VMware Log Insight Manager with Steve Flanders (@smflanders) #vBrownBag

Every application and device, whether compute, network, or storage; physical or virtual; Windows or Linux, generates log messages. Messages from any single application or device contain useful information including auditing, statistics, and errors. When messages from multiple applications and/or devices are aggregated, a large amount of knowledge can be obtained if the information can be[…]