Upcoming VMware Log Insight Manager with Steve Flanders (@smflanders) #vBrownBag

Every application and device, whether compute, network, or storage; physical or virtual; Windows or Linux, generates log messages. Messages from any single application or device contain useful information including auditing, statistics, and errors. When messages from multiple applications and/or devices are aggregated, a large amount of knowledge can be obtained if the information can be parsed and displayed properly. To address the large volume of log data across the datacenter, VMware recently introduced vCenter Log Insight, a log aggregation, correlation, alerting, and reporting tool specified tailored for VMware environments.

On the July 10th #vBrownBag, Steve Flanders will cover installation and configuration as well as a deep dive demonstration of the product. You will see how quick and easy it is to get value out of your log messages through pre-defined visual representations of your data. In addition, you will see how to extract fields, construct queries, apply functions, and group your data in meaningful ways. By the end of the presentation, you should be able to:

1. Install and configure the product
2. Know how to extract useful information from your log data
3. Be able to track down common issues and alert when they occur

To register to go to:  https://vbrownbag.comm/brownbags/ and don’t forget to check out past episodes on iTunes or in your favorite RSS reader.