Reading List – Late Summer / Early Fall 2013

Now that the manuscript for the OpenStack Cookbook has finished, or is in final edits all around, here are some of the books that I am either reading, or have in my backlog of things to read in the next few months.

Reading List

  • The Phoenix Project – Here – An interesting tale of IT transformation into a DevOps culture.
  • Violent Python – Here – I'm going to be picking up Python over time. Figured why not mix it with some of my other favorite things to do… like break systems.
  • The Practice of NSM – Here – NSM is great. Assume you are compromized, work out how to detect and mitigate the impact from there. This also ties closely with a talk I've submitted for RSA 2014
  • Thinking in Systems – Here – This one was recommended by Colin McNamara on his reading list here

… and that's the short of it. I am sure there are some others, however, this list should keep you good and occupied for the short fall months.


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