User Review – Pearson IT Certification’s VMware vSphere 5 Jump Start Training via Rob Nelson (@rnelson0)

This post is by Rob Nelson, one of the winners from our end of year prize giveaway which Pearson Pearson sponsored.  Pearson had no input into the contents of the post.  You can find Rob on Twitter @rnelson0 or his blog   Thanks to the vBrownBag December 2013 giveaway, I received a free copy of[…]

Review – Sputnik2

Disclaimer: Before we get into this, please know that Dell provided a unit for review. That said, while they have seen this post before hand, I am still posting it with the good bad and ugly. Unboxing That’s a lot of pics. Sorry. What you’re looking at in the first bunch of shots, is the[…]