#vBrownBag Follow-Up 640-916 DC Virualization with Joel Sprague (@jwsconsult)

Joel Sprague covers section 4 of the Cisco CCNA-DC 640-916 exam. Cisco CCNA-DC 640-916 Section 4 Video Objectives – Describe device, and server virtualization – Describe Nexus 1000v – Verify initial setup and operations for Nexus 1k You can follow Joel on Twitter at @jwsconsult Originally published at www.professionalvmware.com

#vBrownBag Follow-Up 640-911 Configure, Verify, & Troubleshoot basic router operations using Nexus w Frank Buechsel (@fbuechsel)

In this episode of our Cisco CCNA-DC series, Frank Buechsel covers section 4 of the of the Cisco CCNA-DC 640-911 exam. Cisco CCNA-DC 640-911 Section 4 Video Objectives – Describe and configure basic routing concepts Originally published on www.professionalvmware.com

#vBrownBag Follow-Up Cisco Learning Network Tour with Matt Saunders (@citylifematt) & Brett Lovins (@brettlovins)

Brett Lovins and Matt Saunders kick off the #vBrownBag Cisco Certification series with an overview and tour of the Cisco Learning Network – an online community to connect you with learning resources such blueprints, course details and support from others who are working on their Cisco Certifications. Video You can sign up for the Cisco[…]

User Review – Pearson IT Certification’s VMware vSphere 5 Jump Start Training via Rob Nelson (@rnelson0)

This post is by Rob Nelson, one of the winners from our end of year prize giveaway which Pearson Pearson sponsored.  Pearson had no input into the contents of the post.  You can find Rob on Twitter @rnelson0 or his blog rnelson0.com.   Thanks to the vBrownBag December 2013 giveaway, I received a free copy of[…]

Annual Review Time! Are you Ready?

It’s that time of year where we all get to engage in the annual review. During this time managers talk with us individual contributors about what we accomplished the previous year and look to the future. These session generally focus on your job performance and your professional growth goals. I’m pretty confident we all have[…]

The Super Awesome Freetasic #vBrownBag 2013 End of Year Give Away Spectacular!

As 2013 winds down it’s time again, in partnership with our super awesome contest sponsors and #vBrownBag crew members to say thank you to our listeners with an awesome (litterally awesome) give away filled with tech and learning awesomeness…see thats a lot of awesome! So without further adieu, the awesome prizes include (in alphabetical order[…]

BrownBag Follow-Up: VCAP-DCA Objective 2

Woot! Excellent BrownBag, Excellent Presenter, Excellent Participation. Sorry the follow-up post took a bit longer than usual. We covered VCAP-DCA objective 2 – Networking, with live demos some good lecture, slides, and follow-up resources. Video: ProfessionalVMware BrownBags – VCAP DCA Objective 2 – Networking from ProfessionalVMware on Vimeo. Slides ProfessionalVMware VCAP BrownBag Section 2 View[…]

BrownBag – VCAP-DCA vNetwork Distributed Switches

ZOMG It’s that time of week again! The time where we announce the speaker and topic for this week’s BrownBag! Topic: VCAP-DCA Objective 2 – vNetwork Distributed Switches Speaker: Damian Karlson (@sixfootdad) who blogs here. Will be presenting this weeks BrownBag. Damian is VMware Certified Professional (VCP4), a VMware vExpert for 2011, and am currently[…]

TrainSignal PowerCLI Training – Now Available

Not sure how to write this without sounding the gushing Fanboi, but I’ll give it a shot… Hal Rottenberg, in combination with TrainSignal have released “VMware vSphere PowerCLI Training”. To give you an idea as to how much awesome is packed in there… Hal is the author of the first Managing VMware with PowerShell books[…]