HomeLab’ers Assemble! VMware EVALExperience!

If you are a regular with vBrownBag and ProfessionalVMware.com then you are likely to be pursuing certifications, running some type of homelab, or simply trying to hone your skills.  It has been difficult dealing with short evaluation periods for licensing.  We have long lamented having to reinstall our environments or maintain multiple MyVMware accounts to
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VMworld Barcelona Underway!

VMware’s annual VMworld EMEA event is underway in Barcelona and the energy is amazing. Sessions are packed, the hang space is flowing with continuous traffic and chance meetings, and the vBrownBag crew is on-site producing more great content. VMware provided a great setup that has made it comfortable for the attendees, the presenters, and both
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Do you even Lab?

Regular contributor and vBrownBag crew member, Eric Wright (@discoposse), wrote an interesting article on his blog discoposse.com discussing the number of labs he uses on a regular basis.  It has long been understood that having a lab for learning, testing new technologies, and testing automation has become a near requirement for operating a good IT environment.
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Thank You!

Dear Virtualization Community, It is my profound pleasure to write this letter to you as tremendous thank you for your continued support. This week Eric Siebert of vSphere-Land.com revealed the results of his annual Top Blog vote. A subcategory of this vote is the top virtualization podcast. The vBrownBag crew, myself included, are extremely humbled
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VMware’s New Re-Certification Policy – Some Thoughts

Last week VMware announced changes to the longevity of their certifications by placing expiration dates on them. Anyone who obtained a VCP prior to March 10, 2014 will now notice on their transcript that their VCP expires on March 10, 2015. Before anyone panics (I know, too late) they also updated the options to recertify,
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Top Blog and Podcast Voting Open

The annual vSphere-Land.com voting for top blogs and podcasts is now open. Eric Siebert’s annual community vote allows virtualization content consumers an opportunity to share who they think have provided them the most value. Naturally the team here at vBrownBag and ProfessionalVMware.com hope our community efforts have provided you great value. If you have an
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Annual Review Time! Are you Ready?

It’s that time of year where we all get to engage in the annual review. During this time managers talk with us individual contributors about what we accomplished the previous year and look to the future. These session generally focus on your job performance and your professional growth goals. I’m pretty confident we all have
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Sharing your AutoLab with a Friend

Hi readers.  Josh Atwell here.  Recently I had an opportunity to speak at the South Florida VMUG Users Conference.  This was a great event.  During my presentation I shared AutoLab and BareMetalCloud with the audience and was excited at the solid response I received from attendees.  One attendee, Azael Colon, shared with me something cool
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#vBrownBag Podcast of Plenty

Hello readers! Josh Atwell here. The #vBrownBag crew here at ProfessionalVMware.com has been extremely blessed in 2012 with amazing community support for what we organize on the podcast. In 2012 we’ve managed to produce a VCP5 Series, VCAP5-DCA, VCAP5-DCD series as well as months focused on storage and security. We’ve expanded into APAC, now starting
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